Which you joined us continued our series

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There are not many elderly rivalries in the NFL compared Madden 20 coins to Browns/Steelers. There are better ones, either. The rust-belt rivals were the subject of our latest Madden 20 sim using the Browns-- equipped with Hall of Famers Jim Brown, Otto Graham and Ozzie Newsome--playing host to some stacked roster of Steelers all-time greats including Franco Harris (of"Immaculate Reception" fame), Jerome"The Bus" Bettis, Hines Ward, Lynn Swann, Troy Polamalu and defensive staple"Mean" Joe Greene.

Saturday's sim, which you joined us continued our series of nail-biters with the other last-second finish. Sixty minutes were not sufficient to resolve this AFC North grudge match as the Browns needed to pull out a narrow 23-20 victory, eventually sinking the Steelers on a 29-yard, walk-off field target courtesy of Phil Dawson.

Pittsburgh's vaunted"Steel Curtain" defense was no match for Graham and his late-game heroics. Still the youngest player to lead the NFL in receiving yards, gordon, corralled a touchdown pass with 10:04 to play at the last time, cutting the Steelers' lead to seven.

Warfield price by scooting 53 yards for a game-tying touchdown with 6:35 to play in regulation, the Browns with a third-quarter fumble scooped up by Hall-of-Fame safety Donnie Shell, but made matters right. Warfield, who contributed 11 receptions for a career-high 213 yards wanted one hand to catch Graham's momentum-shifting deep bomb, which came just two plays after Gary Anderson botched a 57-yard field-goal attempt to buy Mut 20 coins that would have pushed on the Steelers' lead to 10. Anderson's kick had more than enough legbut couldn't locate the uprights.

The Steelers were set by This up with first-and-goal in the Browns' seven-yard-line but their touchdown hopes disappeared when Rob Burnett fulfilled Roethlisberger behind the line of scrimmage, dropping Big Ben to get a seven-yard reduction on second down.