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Wow that is amazing, do not know what I would do with that coin. Because it seems to cheap RuneScape gold be the newest armor to try 23.


Wow that is amazing, do not know what I would do with that coin. Because it seems to cheap RuneScape gold be the newest armor to try 23, think I'd find each barrows set for nostalgia sakes masterwork. If I could get 99 smith to create it. How can you invest it in RS? Yeah fair enough, I was a bit lost as to what to do in the beginning. But I made a few nostalgic armour options too. I have also gone and brought trimmed masterwork and I intend to invest a lot into skills like maybe a prayer scroll and 120 herb.

I remember planning for 99 herb and getting member before GE. Back in the day a lot of money. What sets did you get? Super cool you got the capital for 120 herb, what's a prayer scroll? I purchased legs and era plate body to keepsake. Was always a goal of mine so that's that. The prayer scrolls are the best prayers to use but they are 500m each I believe I don't think I will have the ability to afford that along with what I've in mind.

Making Masterwork from scratch is one of the things I have ever done in RS, either RS3 or even OSRS. I came back to RuneScape game following the MS rework and made it my mission in my Ironman to forge my own Masterwork. Leveling both all the way and getting all the materials needed was long and hard, but it was worth it. Let us you anything that is faceroll. And because I left it myself I don't feel like I am wasting it when I do shed charges. I have the materials to make new armor. You need 80 Smithing for Invention anyways, so it's easy to justify going the rest of the way and getting 99.

Are you currently at 99 Mining yet? I hate seeing people call Smithing, Firemaking, and Cooking buyable abilities. Are you looking for it? There's an whole skill you need to do eventually anyways, and it will get the materials for you. Do Mining all the way to 99 and you'll have all the materials you will need for Smithing. It's pretty balanced. The ores you need to get out of 70-80 Mining is the number of bars you need to acquire out of 70-80 Smithing. People think too much about not being efficient or not earning gold.

Mining funds Smithing. Sure, it's slower, but it's basically free. It takes time. I am assuming you're on quarantine like the rest of us. Get a case of beer or a bottle of whiskey, do the math of how much each ore you need for the number of bars you need, sit back, relax, watch some Netflix, and knock two skills simultaneously. No need to strive hard and buy old school rs gold knock them out in a day.